Reputation management means improving your online reputation. Some businesses don't have any reviews while others may have many bad reviews. It's important to manage this properly. This is usually done by encouraging positive reviews of your business and responding to negative reviews. Many citations (or business listings) allow users to leave reviews. A 2015 study revealed, "92% of consumers now read online reviews for local businesses!" I personally rely heavily on reviews of businesses when I'm deciding which business I should contact or visit.

Once again, I recommend Googleing your business name. Now you should see your website show up first. Under that, you should see some review sites that show information about your business. These are the first places you should focus on when it comes to encouraging positive reviews. The reason is, once you have collected enough reviews those sites will show a star rating in Google's search results once.

Perform a Reputation Audit

What you'll want to do is create an Excel file or Google Sheet and document each one of these review sites. For example, document the URL of the review site and document the number of reviews you have, how many are positive and how many are negative. Once you have done this for the top 10 review sites that are important to your business, you can start trying to improve your online reputation.

Improving Your Online Reputation

If you have a real problem with negative reviews this means something at your business really needs to be corrected and simply fixing problems in your business is the best way to improve your online reputation.

The best way to manage your reputation is to have a way for customers to leave feedback. For example, send out emails to customers asking them if they're happy with your services. If they say yes, send them a follow up email that says something like, "We are so happy to hear that. Feel free to share the love and leave us a review on Google or Yelp!" If they reply saying they are not happy with your services, ask them more about their experience and see what you can do to make them happy.