User Interface and Information Architecture Optimization:

On-Page SEO and Your Websites Accessibility:

Title tag:

A websites Title Tag, is perhaps your most important on-page SEO element. This is the title that appears at the top of the page, and it’s also what search engines use in search results.. it also tells users and bots, what your webpage is all about. To properly optimize it, the title tag should contain your main keywords. It should also be persuasive to your potential website visitor, so they will be inclined to click on it.

Description tag:

When you see the first page of results in Google, or any other Major Search Engine, you’ll find the meta description right below the title of the link. It’s no longer a factor in ranking your website, but it’s still an important component of your over all SEO strategy. This description is your sales pitch and its the part of search results that convince users to click on the link leading to your website. Here, you can add your brand name along with a short version of the data presented on the page, think of it like a summary of your pages.

Heading tags:

These are the tags that represent the various sections of your web page. The H1 tag is your main heading, and the h2 and h3 tags as subheadings that the user will encounter as they scroll down the page, especially users who use a screen reader for accessibility purposes.

Alt and Title Attributes:

This is the text that describes the image on the webpage.  Search engines depend on the description tag and its contents, so that the image can then be presented in the search results. An alt tag allows the image to be seen in relevant image results, and it can also make your web page more relevant for certain keywords.

Sitemaps and Menu Architecture:

These have to be easy for your visitors to use, so that they will have no trouble finding the various sections and pages on your website.

Other important elements of on-page SEO include improving loading speed and making sure that your content is high-quality and unique. Improving your on-page SEO can be rather technical, which is why it’s often best to let the SEO experts handle it.

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