How is Organic SEO Vs Paid Search (Google AdWords) PPC?

Organic ads are free, however PPC ads cost money per click, hence the name, PayPerClick Marketing, or rather SEM. This is the main difference between the two. On the other hand, DIY SEO solutions won’t really succeed against professional SEO campaigns planned and implemented by SEO experts.PPC ads are often on top, and they’re more prominent. They look different and they’re boxed ads too. This means that Google users will see your ads even if they don’t click on them, which increases your brand awareness among Google users.Organic listings, you can remain there for a while in fact, much longer than paid for ads, especially if you continue doing your SEO efforts every month. In contrast, your PPC ads will only appear as long as you keep paying for them. Once your budget runs out, the ads will disappear.

Ranking Signals to Think About:

Organic links are generally more trusted than paid ads. The organic SERP depends on how Google actually assesses the relevance of your website. For Google users, organic links are more authentic because they haven’t been paid for.. they’ve been earned.PPC ads can contain product-listing ads, so Google users know what they will be clicking on. This can include the click-through rate for the ads, and it also functions as another type of advertising on Google.It will take up to 4 to 6 months for your SEO efforts to bear fruit in organic results. On the other hand, it may only take a few weeks for your PPC ads to appear.Did you know, both organic SEO and Paid Search (PPC ads), have their own Pros and Cons. That’s why it makes sense to use both in your SEO campaign. In doing so, you can maximize your brand’s presence in search engines, and that can lead to more visitors to your website, which as a win win.

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