Los Angeles Local SEO Expert

You know, Google drastically changed the way they present local search results in their listings. Instead of listing seven results, they now only show three results. This means there’s way more competition for these listings, in order to have your business listed in these three results.

So, what does this mean for your keywords?

The location of the Google user is a huge factor in determining which businesses are in the three listing slots. If that’s really the case, then your rankings in organic results are even more important than ever before, because they’re more likely to get you included in the first page of results. Again, this means that professional SEO expertise will even be more valuable than ever before. Since, SEO Experts tend to take out the guess work, by implementing keywords that actually drive businesses forward.

The first thing you’ll notice with a local Search Engine Results Page is that it features listings within your general or specified area. So, if a Google user is in Beverly Hills and they’re looking for a Yoga Instructor, they’ll see only Beverly Hills Yoga Instructors listed. The same goes when they specify the local area in which the search term they use (“Beverly Hills Yoga”).

A local Search Engine Results Page however, tends to be a tad different than your usual organic search results. These offer features that immediately inform Google users about the various listings. When a user is looking for a local tea house, the local Search Engine Results Page shows them paid results, results with star ratings, reviews, and a map showing business locations. Hence, its important to have your business featured there.