LA Off-Page SEO Strategy And Consultation

Old School SEO, is where webmasters focused mainly on reciprical links, in order to improve their sites’ rankings in search engines. But, now you need to make sure you’re doing it the natural way.

As the name suggests, this involves techniques that are implemented not on the website itself however, but on other websites. Most of the time, this refers to Off-Page SEO. But there are other aspects to off-page SEO, which include social media marketing and social bookmarking.

+Link building. This is the most popular and most effective off-page SEO method hands down. Matt Cutts, himself declared that it’s one of the most important ranking factors for SEO. Link building is campaigning to have external links from other sites leading to your own site. Google considers these links like some sort of vote.. so, if there are links on popular and relevant sites, that lead back, to your site, then the conclusion must be, that your site is good and relevant.

+Social Media. This is the use of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to increase your SEO. Social media marketing – getting your brand or products lots of mentions in social media – can help your rankings on its own, and it can also result in building links to your website.

+Bookmarking. When internet users want to make sure they can come back to a website, the usual practice is to bookmark it in their browser. But they also have an option to save their bookmarks via social bookmarking. In social bookmarking, people’s bookmarks are made public – so their friends and contacts can visit the same websites as they do. If your site is bookmarked by many people and listed on social bookmarking sites, that will obviously help you attract new visitors.