What is keyword targeting?

If you want to rank for certain keywords you will need to do some keyword targeting. For example, you may want your website to rank for "Contractor in California". In most cases, a web page should only target one or two keywords. A web page will actually rank for more than just those one or two keywords. It can also rank for different variations of those keywords. For example, you might have your home page target the keyword "Appliance Repair Company". Your home page could also rank for "Appliance Company" even though you are targeting "Appliance Repair Company".

What do I need to do?

Page Title - Include the keyword(s) in your page title

Meta Description - Include the keyword(s) in your meta description

Headings - Include the keyword(s) in your h1 and possibly in your other subheadings

In Body - In your paragraphs make sure to use these keywords a few times but not too many. You can also include variations of those keywords and related keywords.

Internal Links - Create links from other pages on your website that point to this page that you are want to do keyword targeting on. Use anchor text that includes your target keywords.

Backlinks - Try to build links from other websites to this page. Ideally, the anchor text that would be used would include your target keywords. You can't control this though. This is up to the other website owner that will be linking to your site.