Ever wondered, how people use a Search Engine to find websites like yours?

It’s easy - first, they enter keywords into the search box.

Keywords are critical when you’re trying to improve the relevancy of your website, in order to rank high in search. You should design your site around being one of the top Google results when specific keywords or phrases are entered in the search box.

So, what keywords should you focus on?

That’s where keyword research comes in. You can’t just guess the keywords that potential customers may use, you have to know.

When you know what keywords people use to find websites like yours, you can make sure that your content closely matches those phrases, for example, you’re able to offer them relevant, valuable content that they are searching for among a sea of other websites.

This means that people will spend more time on your website, and mostly reading an article or watching a video that gives them what they want. When you’re able to serve their needs, they’re more likely to visit other sections and pages on your site. They’re also more likely to become subscribers, to your mailing list, and customers of your products and services as a result to your serving their needs in a fast and efficient manner.

Los Angeles Keyword Research for SEO and Your Website

When you’ve done proper keyword research, you can improve your SEO for the specific keywords that you’re focusing on. One of the benefits of providing relevant information that visitors want is that when visitors spend more time on your website, your SEO improves (because Google takes note of the increased time spent).

Of course, it’s true that certain keywords are rather fiercely competitive. If you’re running a plumbing business, then you can’t really compete to rank highly with just “plumber” as a keyword. Also, this generic keyword isn’t really something that your potential customer will enter in the Google search box anyway.

Instead, keyword research can find out the exact keywords and phrases that your potential customers will use. Knowing those exact words and phrases enables you to include those very same words and phrases in your website content.

When you have the right keywords you get the right sort of visitors. You don’t attract people who aren’t looking for your plumbing website and who have no intention of hiring your services. Rather, you attract visitors who are looking for the type of plumbing services you offer, or who are looking for plumbing in a neighborhood that you serve.

Keyword research is the very foundation of SEO.. it determines your content, your rankings, and the type of people, who visit your website.

Keywords aren’t words you simply guess.. they’re words and phrases that your potenial customers are using in search engines.

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