How To Install A Free SSL Security Certificate Cpanel

In this tutorial, we will be Installing a Godaddy SSL Certificate for Free using LetsEncrypt and Cpanel.

Absolutely, No Coding experience needed and perfect for any Non-Techie who needs a Https URL in 7 minutes or less.

Not sure how to use the terminal or shell. Then, this tutorial is for you! Now, if you want to get a free SSL certificate using a shared web host, then you're going to need to use the...

Summary of steps:

1. Go to
2. Follow the steps below & on zerossl website
3. Add below code to your .htaccess file for URL redirections
4. Updated the SSL certificate every 90 days

# Requirements: #

#- A Hosting account with access to Cpanel.
#- Where the heck is Cpanel? Check this:
#- A computer with Internet Access.
#- Your Cpanel URL open in your browser.
#- Let's Encrypt website open in your browser:
#- Let's Encrypt registration online tool open in your browser:




Migrating to HTTPS from HTTP with cPanel and Let's Encrypt.

Ok! Let's install an SSL certificate using let's encrypt free certificate provider on cPanel.

Just so you know, Let's Encrypt is completely free, but you do need to update it every "90 days",
so, basically you have to do the same process every ninety days. painless!

First, you need to go to and click on that online tools and start free SSL certificate.

And once it's loaded you'll see it's asking for a few things on this page, just add your domains with and without the WWW.

And check the check boxes here.

And hit - > Next.

And they will start generating it CSR on this might take a minute or so just wait it out, once it's done hit the download button,
so, you have a backup of this file.

And then you can just hit next again.

And he will start generating that account key again this might take a minute or two.

And once it's done. Click on download as a back up.

And you can hit next.

Verifying that you actually owning this domain by placing these files on to your server.
It's actually quite easy just download the files.

And then you have to go to your cPanel and navigate to file manager.

And go to your route Folder under your public HTML called: ".well-known"

And then inside of that same folder.

Create Another folder called: "acme-challenge"
Once that's created, just go inside of it.

And then upload those two files you just downloaded.

All right now you should see in your folder the two files.

And you can check that this works by clicking on the link here.

And have returned to the keys.

That means it's installed correctly.

And you can hit next.

And now, who will verify that everything is all right and if everything went well, you'll see that your certificate is ready.
So, if you scroll down you'll and see the two forms here, just hit on "download" so that you have the back ups.

All right now you go back to your cPanel.

And if you scroll down and find.

SSL under.


Go here at the bottom install manages to ssl and hit on the manages a ssl sites and here you'll be able to select your domain.

And for the other fields will go back to and will grab the, "First key" and Copy & Paste, it here..

*please note: that in this one file, there's actually two keys in one.

So, if you scroll up a little and then.

There's the stacks.. That separate the keys.

Just, "Copy and Paste" it, into the last field.

And then go grab the "private key" from zero ssl.

And then you "Copy and Paste", it into the middle field,

And then, where it says "private key" on the top so "Copy & Paste" it there.

Now, you'll see that you have check marks, next to all the forms,
so, that means all is good, and, now you can just hit install certificate.

And once it's done your ssl Certificate is installed.

And you can test the https url by going here.


Ok.. Now for the fun part!

Have you ever wondered how to get your all of your http://www web site traffic to re direct to its HTTPS traffic?

To achieve this, please read and follow all necessary steps in this tutorial below.

Now bedsides putting the "S" in your HTTP.. we want to simply re-direct all the traffic from HTTP to HTTPS.
and that's actually easily achieved with a little bit of code you need to simply place in your sites root htaccess folder.

Now, Go back to your cPanel file manager.
And go to your site root.
And create a new file..

PLEASE NOTE* if its all ready there. Make sure to back it up firstly! Before Editing it.

called ".htaccess"


RewriteEngine on
RewriteBase /

# 301 Redirect www to non-www SSL Canonical version for top SEO performance #

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www\.yourdomainname\.com$ [NC]
RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R=301,L]

Then save the file.

And, place that new file in your root folder.

As you can see it's all good.

# ** DISCLAIMER ** #



# ** DISCLAIMER ** #


Test Your SSL powered domain Here

Want to Go about setting up your ssl via ssh?? Watch the Video Below 🙂