Best SEO Penalty Audit And Recovery Services

For many website managers, getting penalized by Google for improper SEO tactics can be a nightmare. Your traffic numbers plummet and your business suffers as a result. Your website is penalized because you’ve been suspected of violating the Google requirements for proper SEO. If you’ve tried to use “black hat” techniques, the penalty is a high price to pay for your failure.

A penalized site is a website that Google has punished for violating their rules and guidelines. If you’ve been manually penalized, you will probably have been notified so you can take action to correct whatever it was you did wrong.

Sometimes, however, the penalty is automatic, as Google algorithms may automatically detect the improper SEO tactic you’ve used. It’s not easy to discover if Google has automatically penalized your site. These clues can indicate such a disaster:

+Enter your brand name in the search box and your website doesn’t show up as one of the top sites in the results.

+Certain keywords, now appear only in the 2nd or 3rd page, or past page 100.

+If your website has been de-indexed, or rather removed from Google’s search results.

It’s for this reason that an SEO penalty assessment audit should be regularly performed on your website. If you have already been penalized, the audit can detect the mistake you made so you can correct it.

Don't Over Do It!!

There’s actually such a thing as over-optimizing your website, which means you may have SEO features that Google doesn’t approve of. Use the SEO Penalty Assessment Audit to root these things out, and never use black hat SEO tactics like link farms.

Here are some of the most common reasons for a Google penalty:

+Don’t buy links, it’s easy for Google to detect and very discouraged.

+You’ve got hundreds of reciprocal links.

+Keyword spamming.

+Your site contains plagiarized content.

+Too many spam comments.