Best Way to Keep Your WordPress Site free from Malware

WordPress is the best CMS platform by far hands-down. However, you are responsible for implementing your own security strategy on your WordPress site. Just like an anti-virus software, an anti-malware software is essential for your WordPress website also.

What is Malware ::

Malware is a type of software used by hackers to invade your site. They either manipulate the content, steal sensitive information, or even take the whole site down. Your website can be restored if you have a good hosting service provider with regular backups. But as the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure.

There are many ways to keep your WordPress Site Malware Free, but let us start with the basics. The first step is to keep your site as clean as possible. Do not install old, unsupported or pirated themes. Get your site designed by a professional web designer or purchase a good theme with a license & support. You can find great themes on The Repository, Themeforest or any of many other Theme Shops.

Here are the best tips to keep your WordPress site free from malware and other attacks.

Do not install any third party plugins that you are not aware of. Be careful with the plugins you use on your website. Keep a watchful eye on your website by monitoring any suspicious activity.

Disable trackbacks and pingbacks to prevent DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks on your website.

Create a strong password and change it periodically.

Use two-factor authentication for increased security.

Tools and Plugins Used to Scan for Malware

You have to scan your website periodically to look for Malware. Tools like Sucuri help you scan your site for potential threats free of cost. However, the paid version can detect malware easily.

Wordfence WordPress Plugin ::

You can also use plugins like Wordfence if you want to keep your site very secure. It comes with more than ten security features. Wordfence also provides you with a dashboard that can help you monitor your site’s security.

The Anti-Malware Security and Brute Force Firewall not only protects you from malware, but also from brute-force attacks.

TAC WordPress Plugin ::

The Theme Authenticity Checker plugin helps you check your theme for malware or other malicious code. You might want to use this if you are installing a theme.

These are the simplest ways to keep your WordPress site malware-free.