Best FREE HTML5 Audio Player Ever!

Did you know, you can create a free html5 audio player with just a little CSS and HTML knowledge. Just insert the width and height and few more details and that's it. With this code snipet, your music is ready to play in your page within seconds.

With modern HTML5 powered browsers, the infamous < audio > tag has spread very quickly and it is very well supported by major browsers. So now, you can use the < audio > tag to add sound and music in your website.

Did you know, the audio tag supports 3 types of audio files: mp3, wav and ogg.

This simple HTML5 audio player code snipet, makes it easy to embed an html5 audio player into your website or Content Management System, such as WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Craft, OpenCart, and the like.

Simply, Copy & Paste the code snipet below into your page:

<audio controls preload="metadata" style=" width:300px;"> <source src="" type="audio/mpeg"> Your browser does not support the audio element. </audio><br /> <a href="" title="Los Angeles SEO by Mindful SEO" style="text-align: right;display: block">Los Angeles SEO by Mindful SEO</a>

and BOOM! You now have an HTML5 audio player that was quick, easy and most of all light weight on your server, and best of all it was totally FREE!

I hope this helps someone ,)