WP ERP for WordPress

Automattic is a web development business behind several popular online services such as WordPress.com and Gravatar. Automattic is one of the advocates of Open Source software as most of its products and services is under GNU GPL.

If you’re a start-up or a small business seeking to expand, WP ERP is a good choice as its core modules are totally free, which include accounting, CRM and HR. Using this ERP platform is easy, especially for those with prior experience in using WordPress for their blogging activities. It also has premium packages for businesses that require the more advanced features of this integrated ERP.

Why choose WP ERP?

Users will appreciate WP ERP’s comprehensive knowledge base and relevant media on any topic pertinent to this platform, with nonstop customer support. WP ERP’s main accounting, CRM and HR plugins modules can be downloaded and used at no cost of all and are scalable and flexible based on user requirements.

Certified to help your business grow. Backed-up by WordPress’ experience and expertise, WP ERP’s modules are programmed to drive your business to achieve business growth. This platform is very suitable for small business and start-ups that typically have to operate with small budgets but still require quality outcomes.