What are the best 5 Ways to Make your WordPress Site More User-friendly

Your WordPress site looks great with good SEO and there is a lot of traffic on your site. Yet, there could be no sales or customer activity. This is because your WordPress site is not user-friendly enough. You should consider doing a few optimizations to make it easy to use for your customers.

Ok here are five ways to get started:

1. Responsive Design

A responsive design is mandatory

Make your Site Responsive

A responsive design isn’t an option anymore. It is a necessity. Make sure that your website is responsive to any screen on any device.

2. Multi Languages

If you run a business in a location where many languages are spoken, a multi-language site is needed. Most people might not understand English, and that’s the reason why they move off your site. Hence, multiple languages must be set up.

3. Modify the Design

Most website owners associate design with just ‘looks’. But that is not what design is all about. Design is how your website works. If your navigation panels or search bars are placed in positions that are difficult for the user to find, it is bad. Make use of heatmapping systems to see which areas of your website are visited by users. Modify the design accordingly.

4. Make Payments Easy

Customers might also get annoyed if they are not able to pay easily. Use trusted payment partners like PayPal. If you are using something else, make sure that the payment process is simple for the user.

5. Speed Up your Site

A slow site is the most annoying thing for customers. You do not want to test their patience in this regard. Try to remove unnecessary clutter and increase the speed of your site. Maintenance of your website is very important.

Those are the 5 simplest ways to make your WordPress website a tad more user-friendly 😉