Want to learn about the best 4 Tips For Improving Conversion Rate in e-Commerce Websites?

how to improve your conversion rate for your ecommerce website

Did you know, one of the biggest questions clients ask us, is how do we improve our conversion rate for our ecommerce website and if you don't know what a conversion rate is that means if a hundred people come to your site and one person buys from you, that means you have a one percent conversion rates and that's about the average online, however really trusted sites like Amazon dot com and Zappos dot com have slightly higher conversion rates sice they are web sites that have been around for several years.

Conversion Rate Optimization, is you need to figure out what you can change, in order to compete with them, so you can get your conversion rate from one to two to three percent and we'll give you three tips on how to do that.

First Conversion Rate Optimization tip, is having a one page checkout when people go to check out and you have multiple pages that they have to go through that increases the likelihood that they're gonna drop out, now you'd be surprised of ecommerce owners who have multiple page check out and don't understand this simple concept, you really really need to narrow cut your check out process to one page and make sure to have everything on there with the check out form, the payment processing, shipping and orders all in one place, so people can feel everything out click sand and they get a receipt.

The second Conversion Rate Optimization tip, is about trust symbols while more more people are buying online, there still is a credibility factor in a distrust of buying something online if you've never met them before.

So, what you need to do is you need to have trust symbols on a lot of these far hacker safe trust symbols that you can put at the top of your site what you call the header section okay and you need to put them on the second place on the checkout page okay and you need to put it next to the add to cart button.

These trust symbols however, could be anything from like a visa logo because that brand is known for fifty years okay.

They're there for if you put that on the top of your site that you accept visa people unconscious or sub consciously associate your site with the with the visa brand okay and so that's a concept called Superman marketing.

The third Conversion Rate Optimization tip, is on your homepage, have one call to action, with your most purchased item or best consumer deal.

Users can do an ecommerce site an ecommerce sites have many many things for them to do many different products in categories and specials it is confusing on what they should click on.

You need to have one call to action to your most desired product or the hottest product that consumers are buying in your niche and you to place it's simply in the front of the page.

Look at Amazon dot com and how they do that they have a store with the most parts of the world yet somehow have one call to action on the front on the homepage, so, those are three things that you can do to improve the conversion rate of yourecommerce website.

Google Analytics Metrics For SEO

When doing SEO in analyzing traffic the number one analytics software out there is the free one Google analytics.

However you need to understand which metrics do you need to look at in order to understand SEO.

The number one metric that you need to look at is segmentation of branded verse non branded traffic okay so when you're looking at search engine traffic.

And you have a strong brand a lot of your surgeon and traffic can become for can come from your branded traffic so what you need to do is you need a segment that Brenda traffic out and only look at the non branded traffic and that's gonna tell you how healthy your SEO campaign is doing so that's a number that's the first metric they need to look at non branded first Brenda traffic.

The second one that you need to be on the look out for is Google webmaster tools integration into analytics Google webmaster tools allows you to see impressions and click throughs on your key words that people are searching so if you don't have that installed you need to install it what they're gonna do is you're gonna marry Google webmaster tools data and analytics data together when that happened is going to be it's going to be fantastic right now it's in a pilot program but be on the lookout for that.

This thing that we suggest you do, is set up goals and analytics you to sort of your goals for what a conversion is on your side whether that's a sale or lead what you have these goals set up you can then track which keywords are sending the most conversions so if you're doing a seal on a particular keyword and you see that it has a high conversion rate then you can put more resources and more energy into the key word to wreck it even higher so those are three things that you need to understand and three metric so you need to understand for Google analytics for SEO.