Here are the 4 Best WordPress SEO and Caching Plugins Free 2019.

Best WordPress SEO and Caching Plugins Free 2019

Clients all ways ask us, what are the best wordpress SEO plugins and there are hundreds and hundreds of plugins now for wordpress, I mean, hundreds of thousands, so it's kind of hard to navigate that, and I'm gonna give you the ones that are really popular, plus the ones I really like.



The absolute best seo plugin for wordpress has got to be the SEO FrameWork plugin, and its FREE but with premium features.

The absolute best Cache Plugin for wordpress has got to be the WP Fastest Cache plugin.

So, you want optimize and clean-up your database huh.. thought you might ask, well then the absolute best database optimization plugin has got to be WP Optimize.



The first most popular is of course, the Yoast SEO plugin and this is an all one SEO plugin, that takes care of pretty much everything that you need to do for SEO, the other most popular plugin that people use is All in One SEO, that was good, but I really like, Yost because of its ease of use and it just because it covers everything and of course it's free.

However, since using Yoast SEO, I now, prefer to use, the SEO Framework plugin. Since, its even easier to use than Yoast, and its not at all over-whelming to use and configure for SEO. The SEO Framework, is light weight and its also a FREE WordPress Plugin for everything Search Engine Optimization.

Another must have plugin, is the XML sitemap plugin by Arne Archibold, you simply install and it auto generates an XML sitemap when ever there is a new post or page or category, tag, etc.. and it pings Google and even the other search engines that you now have a site map so this is a great way to to instead of manually build it or doing it another way to automatically generate an XML sitemap.

Another must have plugin, would be WP Super Cache, this speeds up your site and one of the ranking signals that Google looks for today is a very very fast site because they want users to go to your site and have a great experience so make sure that you install super cash you don't need to know what it does is need to know that it speeds up the load time of your website. However, since using WP Super Cache, I now use HummingBird, because the Hummingbird cache plugin is a free word press plugin and its much lighter weight and it seems to offer way more configuration options, yet seems to speed up our wordpress websites rather quickly, and faster than wp super cache or any other caching plugin for wordpress out there, since we have extensively tested them all.